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A connection with the higher being, a surrender to the eternal, a prayer! Elements served as the symbols of the almighty in the hindu culture in the earlier times, later on maturing into idol worship. There used to prevail times when elements were worshipped with acknowledgement of the power they held against the frailness of the human beings. With progressing times and the development of technology with which man incessantly endeavors to out do and defy nature, the elemental connection for the surrender of oneself is now lost somewhere. Yet, miraculously, the faith is not lost. Man, time and again does feel the need to relapse into ever giving lap of the Omni present. In effect, the ways have changed, not the faith.

  • Gujarat Hindu Society (Preston U.K.)
  • Bhartiya Mandal Indian Association (Aston Under Lyne U.K.)
  • Oshwali Association of the (U.K.)
  • Shree Hindu Mandir (U.K.)
  • Shree Hindu Mandir & Communtity Center (Creawey)
  • Shree RamKrishna Center (Loughborough, U.K.)
  • Shree Mahavir Swami Jain Derasar (Bangkok Thailand)
  • Jain Religious Society (Singapore)
  • Shree BHartiya Temple Troy (U.S.A.)
  • Shree Shankardham Mandir (Valsad)
  • Shree Ramji Mandir (KhoKhara)
  • Shree Harbholanath Mahadev Mandir (Amrawadi)
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