Turnkey Projects / Pre-Assembly /Packaging & Delivery


Turnkey Projects

The company undertakes to execute turnkey projects relating to temples, private residences, and commercial buildings such as hotels, corporate houses etc. The most important part of designing, carving, preassembling, packaging and transporting is executed with utmost care which is a service unique to our company. To a client’s relief, our company actually takes care of all the practical hindrances, known and anticipated, during the process of constructing a temple in a foreign country.



After the individual stones are manufactured and finished we pre-assemble every level at our factory to practically check for any possible misfit or mismatch, which may have crept in. If any such thing is found, it is rectified immediately. Thereafter each stone is numbered and crated for despatch.


Packaging & Delivery

The carved structures are carefully foam packed, or export crate packed for containerization. We take special care to our delivery schedules and meet project deadlines.Translating marbles into marvels is what we specialize in and the most valuable motivation and satisfaction is the invariable sigh that escapes the beholder ” Yes, from here the prayers will surely be heard.”

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